The prices of DD.S studies are based on individual coaching and custom made design challenges with personal feedback. That is different from standard online courses.


Each lesson is an online hangout, lasting for part of the day, morning or afternoon, depending on your timezone. The total price is based on the length and intensity of your study.

If a study is spread over a longer period of time, intensity can be lower for the same price. However, it requires more self-discipline for a student to take full advantage of the study and the support that we can offer.

The prices of the studies are indicators: a specific topic can be addressed in a couple of days. Or it can be the subject of a thorough study, taking a month or longer to complete.

Lessons can be extended in time, if multiple students attend at the same workshop or study.

  • Initial online hangout, free of charge.
  • A single lesson, full of exercises for a whole day: €170 per student
  • A week of exercises and 3 lessons: €450 per student
  • A month of exercises, projects and 8 lessons: €1.700 per student
  • A season of exercises, projects and personal coaching: €3.400
  • A full year: Ask how that could work.

Furthermore, for all studies and workshops:

  • Daily feedback by e-mail on results for the duration of the study
  • Document sharing and versioning through GitHub
  • Software and typeface licenses where applicable
  • Design principles for planning, process, methods for feedback and testing criteria

Methods of payment

  • All pricing is in Euro's.
  • Inside The Netherlands add 21% VAT.
  • Inside Europe no VAT adds, if you have a VAT registration number.
  • Outside Europe no VAT is added.
  • We send an invoice over the total amount.
  • Direct bank transfer is preference.
  • Add 3% to the total if PayPal is used.